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Catering MEnu


1) Choose option 1, 2, or 3

2) Select flavors and/or Topping

3) Select the type of service Desired

4) contact us for further inquiries

*Minimum order for at least 20 people for all Options*

Option 1: Japchae + House Salad

($15 per person)


Option 2: 3 Mandu Set + HOuse salad

($25 per person)


Option 3: Japchae + 3 Mandu Set + House Salad

($40 per person)


Mandu Flavors

*you may mix and match; however, you must make sure to list out the number of each flavor you would like*

- Beef Bulgogi

- Spicy Pork and Kimchi

- Coconut Curry Chicken

- Shrimp and garlic

- Wild Mushroom

- Spinach and Tofu

- Spicy Fried Tofu


Japchae topping

*You may only select one topping out of the three*

- Beef Bulgogi

- Spicy Pork

- Shiitake Mushroom


Service Options

1) Pick up (Customers will have their orders ready)

2) Drop off (additional charges may apply)

3) Set up and serve (minimum order for at least 50 people)